Call of Duty x The Terminal List

Call of Duty - The Terminal List

You Know Media

We were tasked with supplying production equipment and technical assistance to run the biggest cross-promo event launch of a new TV series collab with Amazon & Blizard Activision.

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Case Study

Call of Duty - The Terminal List

In July of 2022 You Know Media launched Prime Video into the hands and minds of gamers throughout Australia and New Zealand by creating a market first Call of Duty tournament all for the launch of Chris Pratt's new series The Terminal List.

This event set a new standard for esports events in the region featuring twenty thousand dollars prize money some of the biggest Australian streamers stars from the AFL and NRL all held from the biggest esports house in Australia and reaching over three million gaming fans.

Working with gaming powerhouse Activision Blizzard, You Know Media created The Terminal List Warzone Rebirth Island Tournament to tap into the huge Call of Duty fanbase who had been hungry for local events and more action-adventure content.

This brand partnership collaboration helped gaming fans experience more than they had ever before and used previously restricted Activision placements to drive mass awareness including social and owned digital channels and fans were even able to engage with The Terminal List directly in the Call of Duty Warzone game.

Our requirements for this event were:

  • Provide technical support in the lead up to the event
  • Provide technical support on the day of the event
  • Work with You Know Media and their partners on set design
  • Construction and testing of the set
  • Supply cameras and broadcast equipment
  • Coordinating with on-air talent and production on the day

Hosted at Chiefs Country Club

Chiefs hosted the Call of Duty Warzone Rebirth Island event from their Country Club in Queensland Australia. It is the largest esports house in the country allowing us to deliver this world-first state of the art event to over 3 million gamers.

Brisvegas Promo

Live Broadcast

Production Gear Hire

Our services include production gear hire and full production management in collaboration with our event partners from concept to completion. We were tasked with providing all the cameras, lighting and supporting the broadcast team on running a successful live event from the Chiefs Country Club for Call of Duty Warzone x The Terminal List activation.

Production Gear Hire
Co-streamed with the 10 captains for maximum engagement


Co-streamed with the 10 captains for maximum engagement

Utilizing AWS server technology we were able to have each team captain stream to both their Twitch and directly to us so we could cut to a live feed of each team to bring all the action together in one place.

1,500+ Hours watched.

4.5 hours Combined airtime.

350k+ Unique viewers.

30m+ Social impressions.

Behind the scenes

Working with our event partner Esports Media House we were able to bring together the event with record turn around time to produce one of the best reached broadcasts in the country.

Utilizing our array of Cinema cameras and professional talent lighting kits we worked with The Chiefs Esports Club to bring the set design together with backdrops, mood lighting and TV truss setups.

All in all the day was a lot of fun, it was great to work with our on-air talent team and everyone behind the scenes to bring the show together.

Production Staff

Event made possible thanks to

You Know Media
Amazon Prime Video
Esports Media House
Chiefs Esports Club

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